We’re on an island, so getting here is going to involve either ferries or a floatplane. The good news is that both routes are truly spectacular. You’ll be flying or sailing through the most incredible scenery.

Travelling by ferry involves a ‘big ferry’ from Vancouver to Nanaimo, then a ‘small ferry’ from Nanaimo to Gabriola. The ‘big ferry’ takes about two hours, the ‘small ferry’ leaves about once an hour and takes twenty minutes. Visit the BC Ferries website for the schedules.

You have two options with regards to floatplanes. Harbour Air, which flies from both Vancouver Harbour and Vancouver Airport to Nanaimo, or Gulf Island Seaplanes which flies from Vancouver Airport directly to Gabriola Island. The respective websites have the schedules.

Once your here you can call the Gabriola Taxi, or give us a call and we’ll pick you up.

Our place is right at the top of the Island, five minutes from the ferry and village centre.

See us on the map here.